At I-15 Auctions we specialize in a wide range of auction services including: auction of construction equipment, vehicles and government entities and liquidation of equipment and inventory items. We are also proficient in professional benefit auctions services which are designed to ensure that you receive the highest amount of revenue possible for your charity or benefit event.

Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Auctions

If you are interested in a higher return on your investment, we have a service customized to your specific needs. At I-15 Auctions, we understand that each and every one of our clients has a different goal in mind when they contact us. In some cases, they are looking for quick capital for a new business venture, in other cases the division of a company, which may require liquidation of business assets in a timely manner. Whatever your needs, the experienced professionals at I-15 Auctions can fulfill your requirements. Our professional auction services include auctioning your assets in either a regional auction house or an on-line auction where your goods can be listed with other items that are similar in nature to draw more bidders, a dealer only commercial vehicle and heavy equipment auction or a combination of the three auction services to ensure the highest level of success.

Equipment Liquidations

At I-15 Auctions we specialize in equipment liquidation services including food service equipment and related business that require a quick closing including restaurants, bakeries, banquet halls and much more. It is extremely unlikely that you will find a single buyer that is willing to take every item off your hands in a timely manner. Our professional auctions services create an atmosphere where multiple buyers with interests in the specific type of equipment that is being liquidated. What better way to ensure that you receive the most money in the shortest period of time?

Inventory Liquidations

At I-15 Auctions we offer our clients several options designed to maximize your liquidation including on premise auctions, consigning inventory for auction at a warehouse location, retail liquidation, outright purchase or a combination. We have the experience needed to ensure that your liquidation is a success. We offer solutions for closeouts, overstock, surplus of consumer, wholesale, and retail including apparel, accessories, footwear, gifts, tools, sporting goods, household items, beauty products, home d├ęcor, office supplies, electronics, appliances, pet products and much more. Contact us today for a prompt evaluation of your assets.

Federal Firearms License (FFL) & Licensed Car Dealer

Having a loved one pass away is a difficult experience for anyone; and especially if you are responsible for disposing of the estate. While many items can easily go to auction, we know that firearms present a special challenge to many of our competitor auction houses. I-15 Auctions however, specializes in the buying and selling of firearms. Our Federal Firearms License (FFL) is an exclusive license in the United States that enables I-15 Auctions to legally engage in the buying and selling of firearms and ammunition; both intrastate in the State of California and interstate. I-15 Auctions is also a licensed car dealer. We have undergone extensive background checks, training and testing to earn these hard won designations and we are proud to say we are the only auction house we know to hold both licenses!


Contact the experienced professionals at I-15 Auctions today and speak with a friendly customer service provider to learn more about our comprehensive list of services