Buying & Selling Inherited Guns With a Federal Firearms License (FFL) in California

Based in Southern California, I-15 Auctions performs a multitude of auction services. Helping buyers and sellers alike, we strive to our maximum potential to make every auction a success. Our staff possesses advanced training, years of experience, valuable resources and specialties that when brought together and working as a team, our auctions run efficiently and smoothly. I-15 Auctions specializes in liquidation of estates, firearms, vehicles, heavy construction equipment and government entities. With our expertise, high work ethics and moral fiber, we perform every auction in a courteous manner as well as extending a friendly and helpful customer service to buyers and sellers.

Gun Sales Have Never Been Hotter in the United States of America!

I-15 Auctions has a Federal Firerms License (FFL) and Brokers Licenses! We market guns to buyers across the USA and offer both Online and Live Auctions. I-15 Auctions have some of the best gun experts on staff and an exceptional marketing team! The California Roster of Hanguns is no problem for us! California gun laws change constantly and the jail sentencing is increasing for the mishandling of firearms. Contact us today so we can safely and legally sell your guns for maximum profit.

Federal Firearms License Dealer

I-15 Auctions knows firearms. We ensure premium effort in auctioning firearms from customers who no longer have use for them. Our research, aggressive marketing and advertising techniques can reach out to interested parties. With excessive exposure, your firearms will sell quickly. I-15 Auctions possesses a Federal Firearms License (FFL) that enables us to legally buy and sell firearms.

California Gun Inheritance Laws

One of the most common reasons as to why folks look into auctioning firearms is usually people inherit them, and with no real appeal, they find themselves wanting to get rid of them quickly. Executors and trustees can’t by law give them away to just anybody. Following is a list of those groups of people that cannot legally inherit a firearm. If you are an executor or trustee of a will and not sure if prospective firearm owners are on this list, it’s best to hire a federal firearms licensee dealer like I-15 Auctions!

Who Can’t Inherit a Gun in California
– Convicted Felons
– Those convicted of Domestic Violence Felony or Misdemeanor. Also, anyone under restraining order from an intimate partner and found to present a threat to the safety or that person or their children
– Those who unlawfully use and/or are addicted to narcotics. It’s important to note that although the State of California doesn’t consider marijuana a narcotic, the Federal Government does. Narcotic use does not include spirits or tobacco. This means that chronic alcoholics are not prohibited from inheriting firearms.
– Those found by the courts to be mentally defective or have been committed to a mental institution.
– Those who have violated probation, restraining orders or injunctions by possessing firearms.

Selling Used Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns

I-15 Auctions can sell your newly acquired firearms with haste and with competitive bidding. Sellers can get the most earning potential and buyers have fair and equal opportunity to purchase the firearms. In an otherwise challenging way to free yourself from the responsibilities of firearms inherited to you, I-15 Auctions can get the job done. Whether you are fairly knowledgeable about firearms, or completely at a loss, our team of professionals can perform the research, evaluation, tests and background checks to ensure their functionality and history including that they haven’t been used in the commission of a crime. With any inheritance it can be difficult to know exactly what was given to you. I-15 Auctions can help you identify the firearm now in your possession and answer any questions you may have pertaining to it.

Buying a Used Gun at Auction

When participating in a firearm auction it is important to understand the federal and state gun laws. Some firearms are collector items where others are for practical use; hunting, competition, law enforcement or leisure. In any case, I-15 Auctions strongly recommends and encourages you to understand what you are getting yourself involved, as ignorance is no excuse when it comes to the law. I-15 Auction firearms auctioning services are executed accordingly. We research each firearm requested to list in our auctions, as well as perform a series of tests to determine their performance and safety. Included in the overall evaluation are extensive background checks. The firearms we auction are safe and free of any inappropriate events and commission of any crimes. With a comprehensive report on the firearms, we are determined to ensure safety and peace of mind to both our sellers and buyers.

Buying & Selling Inherited Guns With a Federal Firearms License (FFL) in the State of California including High Desert, San Diego CA, San Bernardino County, Huntington Beach & Orange County, and Riverside County

If you are looking to sell or buy a firearm, I-15 Auctions can assist you in achieving your goals. We are fully licensed and experienced in auctioning firearms.