Based in Orange County, California, I-15 Auctions supplies a number of auctioning services. Our staff members are expert specialists, with a specific area of proficiency that brings auctions together for smooth operation and successful results. We believe in high work ethics and moral standards, and with our exceptional friendly customer service, as well as our high energy and eventful auctions, both sellers and buyers are sure to enjoy themselves as utilize our services time and time again.

Full Estate Sale Auctions

Full Estate Sale Auctions is one aspect of auctioneering we at I-15 Auctions are well experienced and are masters at making a full estate auction become a success. With our aggressive marketing and advertising techniques, we can reach out to interested parties to maximize the full estate sale auction on your behalf. Our skilled auctioneers can motivate the masses with the aid of ringmen and other staff members. Your full estate auction will quickly be sold to people serious about making purchases.

Full Estate Auctions VS DIY Garage or Estate Sales

When a loved passes that has named you the beneficiary, you might find yourself heavily burdened with their full estate. You might go through and select a few trinkets to give close family members, but the overwhelming task of figuring out what to do with it can really bring on the stress. Selling it at one convenient time and getting the maximum funds is efficiently accomplished with I-15 Auctions! When you are first trying to figure out how to lighten the load of the estate, you might discover a few other methods than auction, but beware of the following for your consideration regarding a do it yourself estate sale:
– Full estate sales are designed to course through 2-4 days. This allows interested parties to peruse the items and to think about their decision, as well as giving them time to return any purchases should they feel buyer’s remorse!
– Especially in the event that time is a factor, during an estate sale, your items may not all be sold, leaving you with more than you bargained for.
– Auctioning the estate is full of competitive bidding, allowing you to earn maximum funds. At a garage or estate sale, you decide on a fair price per item but then have to negotiate and bargain with people offering low bids.
– The venue for estate sales venue is always in the home. This gives people access 2-4 days.

Benefits of Full Estate Auctions

I-15 Auctions would like include the benefits of utilizing I-15 Auctions full estate sale auctions. They include, but are not limited to the following:
– Auctions do not end until ALL items are sold, with the skilled auctioneer stirring up the enthusiasm and adrenaline. Items are easily sold, making this method more ideal to avoid figuring out what to do with the remainder of items that did not sell in an estate sale.
– The auction is not multi-day event, it is typically done within one day to prompt bidders and stimulate a state of urgency for fast action before their preferred treasures are gone.
– An added benefit for you and your buyers is, as opposed to the estate sale of first serve rule, auctions give everyone full opportunity to purchase items, establishing a price they are willing to pay.
Auctions determine the final bid through the course of competing bidders, where as the estate sales sets a firm price on items.

Full Estate Auctions in the State of California including High Desert, San Diego CA, San Bernardino County, Huntington Beach & Orange County, and Riverside County

I-15 Auctions of Orange County, California has performed countless full estate auctions. With our expertise and professionalism, we can ensure your full estate auction is a success. Call us today to get started!