I-15 Auctions is a family owned and operated auction house. Our specialtis includes; estate liquidation, firearms, vehicles, heavy construction equipment and government entities. With our applied work ethics, high morals standards, and friendly customer service, our auctions are always a success. I-15 Auctions professionals have advanced training and years of experience to ensure smooth and efficient auctions. With our specific expertise, resources, and abilities, we can help buyers and sellers alike.

Government Liquidation Auctions

When it comes to staking in the government auctions, I-15 Auctions has you covered. There is a plethora of merchandise that the government liquidates that bidders can take advantage of. With the great deals offered and competitive bidding, you can easily obtain many treasures from government liquidation auctions. Federal agencies and state entities, as well as local governments sell items that have been seized by law enforcement. Government also sells surplus overstock and merchandise they no longer need at auction

Typical Items for Sale at Government Auctions; Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Jewelry & Much More

Items auctioned from government entities can include chairs, desks, other furnishings, computers, electronic equipment, tools, watches, jewelry, automobiles, boats, and even airplanes. Often you can find single family homes that have been foreclosed upon within government auctions. Additionally, commercial property, facilities, and buildings can also be found as well. Keep in mind, many real estate options, as well as items found on government auctions begin at fair market value, and with competitive bidding, you dictate what you want to spend.

Tips for Bidding at Government Entity Auctions

I-15 Auctions often conduct government auctions, if you are interested in looking for excellent deals and bargain buys, the auction is frequently a good place to start. Below we have included some tips for those wanting to be involved in the exciting adventure.
1. Do your homework. Whether the government auction is dispensing vehicles, electronics, or other products, it is important you do your homework. Where you can easily get a deal, it is important to know that everything starts bidding at fair market value. If it is a particular car or truck that has caught your eye at our preview, for example, look into what that particular, make, model, year, and how many miles and such suggests value, and go from there.
2. Set Maximum Bid Before Attending Auction. It is commonplace for bidders to get competitive during the bidding war. Set a maximum bid amount before you attend the auction and do not let your pride go over budget. Once you have completed your homework on the pertinent information, decide on a realistic bidding maximum and avoid going overboard.
3. Bid with Confidence. Those who are quick to bid with confidence and determination are usually the successful winners of the treasure they have their eye on.
4. Auction Participation. Where it can be tempting and convenient to place an absentee bid, those rarely are the winning bids. Whether it is in person or online, it is encouraged to participate live. Getting the perspective of other interested bidders as well as enjoying the moment of bidding can be very satisfying and rewarding. In other cases where live bidding can be beneficial is if the items are not as popular as originally expected and the price is dropped significantly. In those instances, participating live can save you some cash.

Government Auctions in the California High Desert, San Diego, CA, San Bernardino County, Huntington Beach & Orange County, and Riverside County

I-15 Auctions routinely conducts government auctions. Look through our website prior to the auction to find the property your are looking for, apply the tips we mentioned to win your bids … and always have fun. #BidFastAndLast. Contact us for more information!