I-15 Auctions in Southern California specializes in a number of various types of auctions; liquidation of estates, firearms, vehicles, heavy construction equipment and government entity auctions to name a few. With our team of experts having advanced training, years of experience, and exceptional performance in the field, auction buyers and sellers are in the best capable hands. I-15 Auctions is family owned and operated. That instills the importance of high moral standards and work ethic practice, family-friendly customer service, and extraordinary execution on all services rendered.

Advertised & Marketed Industrial & Heavy Equipment Auctions

I-15 Auctions Industrial and Heavy Equipment Auctions outshine our competitors. We know heavy equipment and have many resources and contacts to sell your heavy equipment at one of our auctions. I-15 Auctions aggressively advertise and market your auction items to interested parties locally and online if the case may be, to ensure your heavy equipment auction gets maximum exposure for the ultimate revenue.

Benefits of Selling Your Industrial & Heavy Equipment at Live & Online Auctions

If you are no longer in need of the industrial and heavy equipment whether you are getting out of the game or simply looking to upgrade; consider utilizing I-15 Auctions to auction your heavy equipment. When you hand the reins over to the professionals, so many of the responsibilities and burdens are taken off your shoulders so your time is better spent elsewhere. Selling your heavy equipment at an auction is highly beneficial. Below are listed just some of the advantages you will gain when I-15 Auctions in Southern California auctions your heavy equipment.
1. Marketing to interested buyers. With global advertising, you will have the greatest potential to gain the highest return on your money.
2. Quick closes. With no minimum days required, settlements can take as little as 10 days or less.
3. Previews & increased exposure. Having the equipment available a few days prior to auction gives buyers ample opportunity to preview the items as well as generate more exposure.
4. Sold “as is”. Heavy equipment is sold “as is” without original owners having to produce warranties or repairs.
5. Customer service. Sellers do not need to involve themselves in the auction following the consultation; I-15 Auctions can handle the entire process from start to finish. Whether you have one item or multiple items, your equipment will get sold.

Advantages of Buying Industrial & Heavy Equipment at Live & Online Auctions

Sellers opting to sell their industrial and heavy equipment via I-15 Auctions are not the only party that reaps in the benefits as buyers do as well. Below are the advantages buyers can gain from buying their heavy equipment through I-15 Auctions.
1. Cost effective. Buying used equipment can help you stretch your budget, and getting the equipment at an auction can ensure you are aware of the condition of the equipment.
2. Eliminating shady deals. When dealing with a professional auctioneer, you know what you are purchasing. With competitive bidding you dictate the final price on how much you want to spend. Negotiations and flaky business deals are avoiding when heading in to an I-15 Auctions heavy equipment auction.
3. Increased value. When buying new equipment, the value immediately depreciates. Buying used from an auction can save you money as well as investing in fair market valued equipment.
4. Product knowledge. When using an auction to purchase your equipment, you have an opportunity to preview the items for bid in advance. Allowing you to see what’s available as opposed to the guessing games at dealers.
5. Fair & equitable. Auctions give everyone the opportunity to bid on their desired equipment options. There are no backroom deals or someone selling to “first come first serve” premise. All attendees at the auction have a fair shot at becoming the winning bidder.

Industrial & Heavy Equipment Auctions in the State of California including High Desert, San Diego CA, San Bernardino County, Huntington Beach & Orange County, and Riverside County

I-15 Auctions based in Southern California specializes in industrial and heavy equipment. With our approach buyers and sellers are successful. Call us today to get started on auctioning your industrial and heavy equipment! And if you are interested in buying, check out our current auctions page for upcoming deals!