I-15 Auctions is an experienced auctioning firm that specializing in a number of merchandise; firearms, vehicles, liquidation estates, heavy construction equipment,, government entity liquidation, and more. We are family owned operated, servicing the California High Desert, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and Orange County area. We are committed to upholding high moral values and work ethics, apply friendly customer service, and offer exceptional auctioning services. I-15 Auctions is frequently visited by regular bidders and is known for our integrity and overall efficiency for both buyers and sellers. Among our many specialties I-15 Auctions include vehicle auctions. Being completely licensed and certified to auction vehicles, we are eager to help buyers and sellers alike with the use of our vehicle auction service.

Advantages & Benefits of Selling Your Vehicle Through I-15 Auctions

– Competitive auctioning allows you the opportunity to get full revenue for your vehicle.
– Avoid loss of funds on “trade in” in value.
– I-15 aggressively markets and advertises to interested buyers.
– Bypass allowing strangers coming to your home or meeting them in areas for them to inspect the vehicle.
– Sellers do not concern themselves with advertising costs, or time of getting the advertising out.
– Avert the flakey buyers and hours of negotiations.
– In a nut shell, selling your vehicle at an I-15 auction is a hassle free selling experience where someone does all the leg work and you reap the benefits.

Advantages & Benefits of Buying a Vehicle Through I-15 Auctions

– Vehicles sold at auctions are typically less expensive because they do not include the hidden fees that the conventional car dealerships and distributors tack on. When you are on a limited budget, and know your limit, a vehicle auction from I-15 Auctions is ideal when you are in the market for a vehicle.
– I-15 Auctions ensures vehicles are of quality. When our buyers come to purchase a vehicle as is, you can rest assured the vehicle is in running order, making sure you are getting a vehicle worth its salt. We begin the bidding at fair market value without ridiculous mark ups dealerships are notorious for, suggesting you are getting what you pay for.
– All brands, makes, models, years, colors, and so on are all sold through I-15 Auctions at reasonable prices. No matter what you are looking for; we are bound to have it run through our auction.
– I-15 Auctions often have classic and vintage cars through our auctions for those looking to add the collector additions to their garage at much better prices than you will find at traditional distributors.

Used Car, Truck, Van, SUV, Motorcycle Vehicle Sales & Auctions in the California High Desert, San Diego CA, San Bernardino County, Huntington Beach & Orange County, and Riverside County

Whether you are a first time automobile buyer, a seasoned owner of many vehicles over the years, or you have tried every method of selling a vehicle; I-15 Auctions vehicle auction service is by far the most superior method. Buying a vehicle through our auction is fun and exciting and a sure way to of removing much of the hassle and stress. Likewise to sellers, our auctions sell your vehicle quickly and efficiently. Check out our upcoming auctions regularly and contact us with any questions you may have!